TheFitExpo Anaheim

AUGUST 25-26, 2018

SATURDAY: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM • SUNDAY: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Competition Results for
TheFitExpo Anaheim 2017

Gracie Worlds:

Results (pdf)

Odd Haugen Strength Classic:

Southland Strongman Challenge (pdf)

Visegrip Viking™ Armlifting Challenge - Anaheim (pdf)

California Open MAS Wrestling Championship (pdf)

California Team Results (pdf)

Battle of the Bars 23

Main Event winner
Thiago Tavares de Sa aka @onlytavares ( Brazil )

Co Main Event winner
Sebastian Venegas  aka @ @svd_muscleup ( Mexico )

Under Card battles
1st Battle winner – Milton Nkunko aka @califitmilli  (San Leandro Ca )
2nd Battle winner -   Thomas Kurganov aka @thomas_kurganov ( Los Angeles Ca)
3rd Battle winner -  Holito Mattos   aka barcrazy_bolo  ( Staten Island NJ )

2017 Slack Slam at The FitExpo

1st Place: Dylon Lousberg, Holyoke, Colorado
2nd Place: Ben Schneider, Dayton, Ohio
3rd Place: Aaron Bray, Golden, Colorado

USPA Powerlifting: TheFitExpo Anaheim Powerlifting Championships

Results (pdf)

Anaheim Dodgeball Invitational

Men's 2 vs. 2 Winners - Vince Marchbanks and Nate Kreiter
Men's 2v2 Winners

$1,000 Team Tourney Champs - Grips
Men's 2v2 Winners

Runner Up - Blue Steel
Men's 2v2 Winners



WOMENS PULL UPS: Latrice Spence & Asia Tholander - 16 reps
WOMENS PUSH UPS: Majaen Larsen & Karla Munguia- 56 reps
BICEP CURLS: Albert Dennis – 43 reps
PULL UPS: Vess Diev - 32 reps
PUSH UPS: Jed Gonzalez - 87 reps
DIPS: Vess Diev - 69
OVERALL: David LeBlanc - 202 reps

TheFitExpo's Best:


BEST ABS - WOMEN: Sarah Bartlett
BEST ABS - MEN: Earl Nicholson II
BEST LEGS/GLUTES: Michelle Cassel
BEST ARMS - WOMEN: Erika Gasztonyi
BEST ARMS - MEN: Vess Diev
BEST BACK: Jael Lopez

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