TheFitExpo Anaheim

AUGUST 25-26, 2018

SATURDAY: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM • SUNDAY: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Marketing Materials for TheFitExpo Anaheim 2017


The West Coast Largest Fitness Expo Returns to OC, 3rd Annual TheFitExpo™, August 26-27 at the Anaheim Convention Center


Email blasts promoting TheFitExpo:

  • 7/19/17 TheFitExpo Anaheim Returns (link)
  • 7/28/17 Book Your Hotel (link)
  • 8/4/17 Special Guests (link)
  • 8/11/17 Group Workouts (link)
  • 8/16/17 Bodybuilding Seminars (link)
  • 8/18/17 LMBRJCKD Athletics Combine (link)
  • 8/21/17 World Calisthenis and World Records (link)
  • 8/22/17 Celebrity Fitness Panels (link)
  • 8/23/17 UBER Eats (link)
  • 8/24/17 Atendee Competitions (link)
  • 8/25/17 Are you ready? (link)

TheFitExpo Anaheim is found in the calendar sections of the following publications/websites:

  • Eventful /

CBS Media – 290 radio commercials, 200 radio promotions, 10 digital ads, across 5 radio stations:

CBS Media – Three 30sec radio spots:

CBS newsletter eblast reaching 158,000 people (jpg)

TheFitExpo Anaheim Snapchat video (mov)

TheFitExpo Anaheim YouTube video

KTLA Fri Pre-expo coverage (link)

Splash magazine – feature & giveaway – over 250k unique visitors

UberEATS will send out a dedicated email blast the Wednesday prior to the Expo, to between 30,000 and 60,000 of their SoCal based customers, primarily focusing on Orange County but also including parts of the surrounding Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside counties.

300+ exhibitors have digital coupons, 80+ guests have digital coupons, 20+ event promoters have digital coupons

12 Ambassadors to distribute at 530+ gyms

Social post by UberEats regarding TheFitExpo Anaheim (jpg)

Poster stanchion with tear-away coupons and danglers sent to 196 local Ralphs stores (jpg)

Counter card and coupons sent to 26 Nutrishop stores (jpg)

Counter card and coupons sent to 22 Nutrition Zone locations (jpg)

Counter card and coupons sent to 24 Vitamin World stores (jpg)

Counter card and coupons sent to 167 Waba Grills (jpg)

Counter card and coupons sent to 30 The Vitamin Shoppe (jpg)

Counter card and coupons sent to LA Fitness gyms: 15 LA locations and 13 OC locations (jpg)

Counter card and coupons sent to 14 Chuze Fitness gyms (jpg)

Counter card and coupons sent to 178 GNC stores (jpg)

Counter card and coupons sent to 15 Golds Gyms (jpg)

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