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World Calisthenics Organization
Featuring Battle of the Bar

Battle of The Bars 6

Created by the World Calisthenics Organization™, Battle of the Bars ™, is the world’s leading promoter of professional calisthenics competitions and Education around the globe WCO is the first of its kind to create matched 1-on-1 battles with weight classes, a rounds system, 10-point must scoring, and standardized judging criteria with three neutral judges.

WCO ™ BATTLE OF THE BARS 6™ World Championships this Feb 7-8, 2014 at the Los Angeles Fit Expo will no doubt be the most Epic event in the calisthenics world.

On Saturday Feb 7 Features BOTB 6 World championships, with six matched battles, pitting the best calisthenics athletes on the planet against one another. As the Main Event and Co main Event will decide who will walk away as the World Champion of their weight class! BOTB 6 at the LA FIT Expo, Guaranteed to be one of the most epic events in calisthenics history!

On Sunday Feb 8 the Battle of the Bars 16 man Tournament will feature elite athletes from around the globe vying for the title of Battle of the Bars Open Tournament Champion. With no weight classes and a single elimination Bracket system, this is a BEST MAN WINS event. The champion is guaranteed a spot in the WCO ™ Battle of the Bars 1-on-1 Competition! The stage is set to ignite the crowd and Blow the roof off of the Los Angeles Convention Center with the most incredibly talented athletes on the planet!

Main Event- Middle
Chris Luera vs Samer Delgado
(@tatted_strength vs @fitnessblazt )

Co-Main - Light
Mazen Kharoufeh vs Ray Moros
(@kallossthenos vs @fitness_buddha )

Mauro Yoshida vs Osvaldo lugones
@mawrinho vs @olcalisthenics_cei

Jake Ruffino vs Alex Victoria
@jakeruff_bargorillaz vs @vic_nastybarz

Justin Garcia vs Sami Petkov
@justinshape vs @samiistrength_empire


World Calisthenics Organaization in Conjuction with RAW MOVEMENT
Present Introductory Calisthenic Intro & Fundamental Workshops

10:30 am - The Pull Up (progression and regressions)
11:15 am - Intro to Front and Back Lever
12:00 pm - Fundamentals of the Handstand
12:45 pm - Fundamentals of the Human Flag
1:00 pm - Fundamentals of the Muscle Up

Special Guests:
Mike Rashid and Rachele Brooke Smith Autographs
Saturday: 11:00 am-1:00 pm
Sunday: 3:00 pm-5:00 pm

Raw Movement

The World Calisthenics Organization™- “Raising the BAR” in Competitive Sports Entertainment.
For more information please visit:
or Contact
Brendan Cosso
Phone: 1-626-340-5411
Follow us on:
instagram: world_calisthenics_org

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